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knyce bijou rodigga

You know @thedaypartycle stay on one!

With the help of our Instagram followers. . .@DJKnyce and @RoDigga drafted The 10 Weedman Commandments as follows:

10. Thou shall NOT have your offspring in the vehicle during transactions! | Via @slimyousosilly

9. Thou shall NOT make up names for the weed!

8. Thou shall give accurate time estimates for when thou will pulleth uppeth!

7. Thou shall NOT sell from a bag thou would NOT smoketh thy self! | Via @ruga_barbarian36000ent

6. Thou shall NOT forget thy scale! | Via @mikegiovanni216

5. Thou shall NOT short me. . .be honest with thy scale!

4. Thou shall have proper packaging for the Herb. . .no napkins!

3. Thou shall NOT act like thou is selling hard drugs!

2. Thou shall NOT make small talk!

1. Thou shall NOT ask me to match thee!

Catch the Day Party with RoDigga and DJ Knyce Weekdays 3pm-7pm!