Creepy Halloween Clown in Bloody Mask, Portrait on Black

Via Miami Herald:

On Monday, a teenage girl and her mother were so freaked out when they saw a “creepy clown” riding in a car in Henrico County, Va., they called 911.

On Tuesday, extra police and security were assigned to schools in Gallatin County, Ky., after threatening messages were posted on Facebook by two people who used creepy clown photos as their profile pics.

Sightings and online reports of scary clowns across the country — some real, many fake — are keeping law enforcement officials busy nationwide.

Some are frustrated with spending time and resources checking out wild rumors of clowns skulking about, chasing people with knives, tapping on windows, luring children into the woods and threatening schools.

. . .

Early Sunday morning police officers in Salisbury, MD searched a neighborhood on foot and from police cars after receiving calls that people dressed as clowns with orange and blue hair were hiding in bushes and jumping out to scare people.

The police issued a public statement asking its citizens to stop scaring one another like that, referring to the situation as a “national prank.”

Someone out there is laughing, but it’s not the police. Continue reading [HERE].

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