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Tiffany’s statement alone justifies this YBD! 

Via Buzzfeed:

“How many degrees do I need for someone to believe I am an academic?” Tiffany Martinez wrote in a blog post describing the incident.

A Latina student at a university in Boston said that her professor on Thursday handed back her paper and told her, in front of the class, “This is not your language.”

After looking at more of the comments the professor left on her literature review, Suffolk University sociology major Tiffany Martínez noticed that the professor had circled the word “hence” and had written, “This is not your word,” underlining “not” twice.

And at the top of her paper, the professor had written, “Please go back & indicate where you cut & paste.” Continue [HERE]

TSR STAFF: Thembi M. @ThembiTV_ on Instagram & Twitter _____________________ A college professor from Boston's Suffolk University absolutely tried one of her students! _____________________ Tiffany Martinez was "hurt badly" and "publicly humiliated" when she got her paper back from her professor who wrote, and announced "this is not your language," in front of the entire classroom, referring to Tiffany's well written paper. _____________________ If that's not humiliating enough, the professor also wrote "please go back and indicate where you cut and paste," on Tiffany's paper basically implying that Tiffany's work was plagiarized. _____________________ This unfortunate event only gets worse as the professor tried her even more with another comment she left on Tiffany's paper which stated–More on this story at theshaderoom.com (Link in bio)

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