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What’s going on everybody, welcome to Hip Hop With R n’ B

Here you’ll get the latest in hip hop news. Giving you a fresh perspective on the hip hop genre and coming correct every week with thought provoking topics. – As it relates to lyrics, culture, and most importantly the classics!

Talk of the classic songs appear every year, with “stans” paying homage to their favorite artists. Usually these fans relish in the present; overlooking the pioneers. TODAY, we take a look at a true classic in International Player’s Anthem– Undeniably fire, and it might just be one of the greatest examples of perspective to date.

The wedding anthem celebrated it’s ten year anniversary this June. 

Walk with me as we analyze in great detail why this track should be listed among the greats.

via @randyisice

If it isn’t in your top 5 already here’s why it should be.

1. 3 Stacks

2. Pimp C

3. Bun B

4. Big Boi

5. It’s the greatest example to date of how diverse and thought-provoking the the game is. (And if you can’t respeck that your whole perspective is whack.)

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