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Editorial use - Police car with flashing lightsBalch Springs police officer Roy Oliver fired multiple shots into a car which struck and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards back in April. On Monday, Oliver was indicted by a grand jury for murder.

According to reports, Oliver was also indicted for four counts of aggravated assault, one count for each person who was in the car with Jordan at that time. The other individuals included his brother and two friends.

Oliver and Officer Tyler Gross were responding to a house party where someone reported there were drugs and alcohol present. There was no drugs and alcohol found, but soon after they arrived, the officers and the partygoers heard shots. It was later found that the shots were from a nursing home down the street, but Oliver ran outside and went for his rifle.At the same time, Jordan’s group was trying to leave the party. Their car sped off which led Oliver to fire into the car, striking Jordan. Jordan was then rushed to the hospital where later he was pronounced dead.

Originally, the police claimed that Jordan’s vehicle was reversing toward Oliver, but that later found not to be true. No date has been set yet for a trial.