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Everyone knows that a lot of times tequila gets a bad wrap for being the “forbidden alcohol.”  Whether it be the tale of the worst hangover ever or a celebration that got a little to wild and crazy, everyone has heard stories as to why certain people “don’t mess with tequila.”

As an avid Tequila Avion drinker, I’ve seen faces of shock and surprise when people ask what my drink of choice is, but I understand why people have so many bad experiences with tequila.  In order to truly enjoy, tequila one must experience it the RIGHT WAY.  By following the rules below, you will be sure to have a great night with a GREAT spirit!

Essential Rules for Drinking Tequila


Make Sure Everything is 100

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant in the state of Jalisco and mostly around the city of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, North America

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What we mean by this is 100% Agave.  The minimum percentage of Agave required by Mexico to be considered tequila is 51%.  This is the amount of Agave used in many cheap tequilas, which are then supplemented by sugars and caramel.  Those additives are what cause the hangover.  Make sure anything you buy is 100% Pure Agave!

Know what your drinking!

Tequila Shots On Table By Sea Against Sky

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Blanco: This is purest form of tequila, also known as silver.  Fruity flavors and that classic tequila “bite.”  Perfect for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Reposado: Aged between two months to a year in oak barrels.

Anejo: Aged a minimum year in oak barrels this tequila is a favorite of whiskey drinkers with hints of caramel, toffee, and spice.

Extra Anejo: Aged three years or more, this is definitely more for the extreme tequila connoisseur

Take Your Time

High Angle View Of Tequila Shot By Lime Slices On White Background

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Tequila does not have to be taken as a shot, and not all tequila tastes the same.  Take time to explore the flavors and savor the taste.

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