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You read the title correctly, and yup, I meant every word of it.

Whenever you strike up a conversation (or argument) with a die hard Michael Jordan fan, their reasons for why he will always be the ‘best ever’ are tiredddd. Seriously. I mean, who doesn’t know all those generic ass Jordan stats? Don’t y’all ever get tired of saying them?

Yes, OK, MJ did 3-peat. Twice. He also went 6-0 in the NBA Finals (without ever going to a Game 7) while racking up 6 NBA Finals MVP Awards, 14 NBA All-Star appearances, led the league in scoring 10 times (which may be thee most impressive MJ feat), was the Rookie of the Year and also won the NBA Slam Dunk championship twice.

You know what all that sounds like in 2017? Blah, blah, blippety-blah. We know all that. He also sucked at baseball and was regular-shmegular with the Washington Wizards. You know what he never did, though? He never played a team that won 73 games in the regular season – but he did play ON the team that set the regular season wins record with 72. Jordan also won every ring with Scottie Pippen – possibly THE BEST SIDEKICK EVER on a NBA floor.

The Jordan accomplishments are well documented and very respected. But what about what LeBron is doing right now?

In his 15th season – one five – LeBron James is getting better. His 57% shooting is a career high. His 8.5 rebounds per game are second highest to his last year average of 8.6. His 9.3 assists – currently second in the NBA behind Russel Westbrook – are another career high.

But it isn’t his personal statistics and accolades that make him a better overall player than MJ. It’s his ability to make other players around him better, and ultimately his ability to win with whoever the owner puts on the floor with him. He’s been to the NBA Finals 7 years in a row with who-knows-how-many different lineups. Just this year he loses Kyrie Irving, arguably the best scoring PG in the NBA, and the Cavaliers have gotten better.

How is that possible?

It’s simple – LeBron is just that good. Point blank.


However, if you do want to dumb it down and just talk about statistics, then LeBron has the edge there, too.

LBJ has already passed MJ in rebounds and assists. He will pass him in points, steals and blocks before it’s all over. And remember when everyone said LeBron’s jumper was broken? Well if he quit playing today he’d have a better career 3-point% than his idol as well.

Wait, did I just call Jordan Lebron’s idol?

Shit, I might have that backwards.

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