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Prom in the 2K has taken a whole new meaning from the 90s and 2000s when the big deal was who is your date and what are you wear!  Of course, it’s still important who your date is and what you wear but not promposals and how you arrive at the prom are a bigger deal!

So meet this young lady, name unknown, that is obviously in love with Barbie and commissioned her friends and family to help her craft the best way to stunt on em for her prom 2018 arrival.  We have no idea where this young lady is from but what we do know is that she loves pink, Barbie and loves to stunt on ’em so we’re gonna call her Black Barbie.  Black Barbie arrived at prom in a big trailer driven by a man with a FedEx shirt on in a life-sized Barbie box all while wearing a pink sparkly gown!

Watch how it all unfolded here:

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