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People are saying they saw this coming but mostly after the passing of Mac Miller and that his death really took a toll on her [rightfully so tho] and maybe caused a riff between Ariana and Pete. I heard he totally supported her in her mourning of the Mac tho.

Anyway — this is what E Online is reporting the reason is:

[Via E Online]

Even the most thrilling joyrides end at some point.

And when you’re careening along at 100 mph, it’s all the likelier that someone is going to be forced to slam on the brakes.

That appears to be what happened with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who have ended their engagement after four very eventful months, not one of which went by without Davidson joking that it was Grande’s house of cards, and he was just living in it.

“I’m a very, very lucky guy,” the Saturday Night Live star said on The Howard Stern Show barely three weeks ago. “Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on.”

After the by turns sweet and raunchy (instigated more by Howard than Pete) interview, Grande, who had been out in the green room listening, came in and plopped down onto her fiancé’s lap for a kiss. However, according to Robin Quivers as they discussed the encounter in hindsight on Monday, the singer didn’t look particularly pleased with Stern’s line of questioning.

But engagements don’t just end because of a little kissing and telling.

A source tells E! News that Grande and Davidson had been having conversations about the future of their relationship and Ariana ended up calling off the engagement at the end of last week. However, she was at SNL on Saturday night and they were packing on the PDA, looking as involved with each other as ever, so that contributed to the shock when TMZ reported Sunday afternoon that they had broken up.

Our source says that the pair still have high hopes that they can work things out and get back together, but for now they’re taking time apart.

“Pete has really been there for Ariana,” the source says, “and she will always have a special place in her heart for him, but told him that right now is not the best time.”

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