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The “Guardians of THE LAND,” deliver safety for the people. Service without expectation and an extraordinary commitment to our community.


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Your Name:   Calvin D. Williams

Where you work:  (Division and location)  Example I’m a Cleveland Firefighter at Firehouse X

        Cleveland Division of Police in the capacity as Chief.

How Long have you served?

32 years

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy having the ability to assist officers in their career development and being able to market the City of Cleveland and all that it has to offer all across the country.

What are your favorite past times – what do you do outside of work?  Let’s Meet the Man/Woman behind the uniform.  Example: Hobbies,  volunteering, family activities, sports/recreation, church ?

My favorite outside activity is spending time with my family. My favorite recreational activity is Golf.

What has been your most memorable experience on the job?

My most memorable experience was the 2016 Cavs Championship Parade, where over a million people got together in downtown Cleveland and we had no problems, everyone celebrated as one family.

Guardians of the Land DEC Nicole

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Your Name: Chief Angelo Calvillo

Where you work:  (Division and location)  Chief of the Division working out of Fire Headquarters, 1645 Superior.

How Long have you served? 29yrs

What do you enjoy most about your work? Helping people and educating the public .

What are your favorite past times – what do you do outside of work?  Let’s Meet the Man/Woman behind the uniform.  Example: Hobbies,  volunteering, family activities, sports/recreation, church ?

Attend church every Sunday while at home or on vacation.

Workout every morning weight trading and cardio exercise. Love running outdoors especially the metro parks . I enjoy nature for example currently several bald eagles sightings.

I enjoy engaging my community youth and young adults regarding a career as a firefighter.

Love to cook for my family and friends and I enjoy cooking shows on cooking channels.

My wife and I enjoy our theatre district. We attend several plays a year. One of my favorite plays currently would have to be Hamilton!!

What has been your most memorable experience on the job?

I did have a story when I was on Rescue Squad 3.

Lt Dudas, Simmerly, Tom Corcoran and myself.

A thunderstorm rolled in with lots of calls and we were very busy.

We responded to an elderly female electrocuted by her backyard fence. She placed her hand on a chain-linked fence and didn’t see the high voltage line. She was about four to five feet behind her garage calling for help.

I crawled between the back of her garage and electrified fence (a space three feet wide) with a high voltage line dangling over my head to pull her to safety.

On exam, she had a small enter and exit wound through her hand.  She was responsive and transported to the hospital. She reminded me of someone’s grandma.

Loved working the Rescue Squad. Those were some of my best years on CFD!!