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School's Out Early! Buses in Snow

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The much documented lone arctic blast of 2019 (so far, at least) has finally wrapped it’s cold arms around Northeast Ohio, and there’s a lot to understand when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. According to multiple weather reports the freezing temperatures will be here at least through Friday morning. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you make it through the rough weather unscathed.

  • Cover Up: If you absolutely have to go outside today (1/30) or tomorrow (1/31) then you need to make sure you cover every single piece of skin on your body before stepping out into the freezing temperatures. With wind chills expected to dip to as low as minus 38 degrees in some places, you have to be careful because frostbite could set in in under 30 minutes. So yeah, that wind is no sucka, don’t get caught slippin trying to look cute.
  • There are Warming Centers Open Throughout the Week: This is information that could save a life. Pass this along to anyone that could use it. For a full list of those warming centers, click here to visit our friends at Channel 5.
  • USPS Finally Takes a Day Off: Now I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve yet to ever see the United States Postal Service take give their mail carriers a day off (I have nothing to back that up, just going off memory here people), but this arctic blast is stirring up a little bit of everything. If you’re like me and still waiting on some W-2s to come in the mail, we’re probably going to be waiting until at least Friday.
  • Freezing Pipes is a Real Concern: Home owners (and renters, for that matter) also need to concern themselves with the real possibility of pipes freezing in or around their home. Consumer Reports has a good article to help you out in that regard.
  • Bring Your Pets Inside!: Do we really have to go into more detail here? This one is common sense!
  • Check on Your Older Family Members: Please see description from previous explanation.

These of course are just a few notes to help you prepare for the extremely cold temperatures settling over most of the country this week. Keep your eyes on your local news for any updates on the weather!

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