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So it’s 2019, and ain’t much changed.

Let me take that back. It almost seems as if racist white people are feeling less inhibited to confine their racism. The public displays of despicable behavior haven’t stopped, and in fact it seems as if Mr. Trump’s takeover as president of the United States has emboldened some people who’ve been hiding these tenancies.

Long story less long – race relations within the borders of this country are going backwards. It’s not shocking to see some of the things that we see.

It’s just sad.

Yesterday evening (1/31) a Detroit police officer named Gary Steele pulled over 23-year-old Ariel Moore for having an expired license. Her vehicle was ultimately apprehended, and even though it was freezing outside Moore reportedly refused a ride home from the officers, as she was just going around the block.

This is where things got pretty sketchy.

As Moore is walking away, one of the officers decided to take to his social media. He took video of the young woman and put it on his SnapChat, with captions like “What black girl magic really looks like” and “Celebrating Black History Month.” They say he also closed the clip by saying the phrase “Bye, Felicia”. Smh.

How are we not passed this point? How is a person who’s sworn to protect and serve the community so willingly (I mean, he posted on the internet) allowed to maneuver in such a manner?

According to the Detroit Police Department Steele has been reassigned while an investigation carries out. We’ll keep you posted.



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