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via TMZ

Jussie thanked everyone who supported him through this case, and maintained he’d been truthful and consistent throughout the case. He added … that he would never put the LGBTQ movement “through a fire like this.” He also thanked his “Empire” cast members for their support.

If you’re wondering if things will really get back to normal for Jussie — he stopped to take a few selfies with fans on his way out of court.

And there’s this … federal law enforcement sources tell us Jussie is still under investigation for the threatening letter — with racist and homophobic slurs — that was sent to him at the “Empire” studio 8 days before the alleged attack.

You’ll recall … the Chicago PD Superintendent claimed Jussie sent it to himself, but our sources say the FBI had not reached that conclusion yet.

As for WHY they were dropped — you’ll recall State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recused herself from the case. She reportedly had asked cops to stand down at the behest of Tina Tchen — Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff and a friend of Jussie’s family. The conflict forced Foxx to bow out.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office tells us the decision to drop all charges against Jussie was made by Joseph Magats — the First Assistant State’s Attorney — who was placed in charge of the case after Foxx’s recusal, and NOT by Foxx.

It’s still odd. Sources tell TMZ the prosecutor in the case, as late as Friday afternoon, was making plans to handle issues involving cameras in the courtroom for the trial … and seemed completely unaware of plans to drop the case.

Jussie and his lawyer, Patricia Holmes, just addressed the media, and the takeaway message was simple … he’s happy and wants to get on with his life. Holmes reiterated this was not a deal Jussie struck with prosecutors — instead, they dropped the charges on their own, and he forfeited his bond voluntarily … it wasn’t a tit-for-tat situation