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William Hicks reportedly paid Soulja Boy a deposit of 9k upfront to perform at booking in April in Birmingham, AL. Unfortunately, the rapper did not make it to this event Hicks claims moments before Soulja was supposed to perform, the rapper’s manager texted him saying he wasn’t gonna make it ’cause he missed his flight. This is clearly why back in April William Hicks sent out a legal letter to Soulja Boy’s team demanding repayment or face a lawsuit. Since Hicks didn’t get his money that way he decided to call Soulja out on social media and was met with this response from the rapper “$9,000 I wipe my ass with that lol,” he wrote. “I spent that a day haha I spend that on drank Xbox games and backwoods When did I get a saycheese wife beater.” Now despite this public dispute, Soulja Boy did send Hicks an apology video but the promoter was unsatisfied because he wanted it done publicly and claimed Soulja refused even though there is a clip of him apologizing on YouTube. Sources close to the rapper also said he was in negotiations with Hicks before his arrest but now regardless Hicks is suing for breach of contract and the money he’s owed.