R. Kelly

Whew child! Why am I not surprised by this news but still very. . .very unfortunate! So the saga continues in the case of R. Kelly ya!

So basically — The US Attorney’s office revealed Kells urgent care and drugstore receipts in an effort to prove that he KNOWINGLY exposed women to an incurable STD! Reportedly the STD is the Herpes Virus the sources included University Health Systems and Urgent Care and the drugstore chain Walgreens!


R. Kelly’s lawyers have denied the claims and are maintaining that there is “zero evidence”  that he gave the alleged victim(s) an STD.


On top of that — the Feds also claim to have hotel receipts — Uber and air travel receipts plus bank statements showing that both R. Kelly and his employees conspired to transport alleged victims state to state. Oh but that isn’t it! Search warrants have gone out for his phone and email records as well!

Read more [HERE].

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