At least once a week we’ve got to talk about some of the weirdest news. This is another one of those stories.

Black students have been subject to odd school rules when it comes to how student’s have been able to wear their hair. Often times the children are left humiliated, and the school’s plan to ‘fix’ the hairstyles usually just result in unnecessary attention being added to the situation.

Pearland Independent School District, in Texas, has been sued by the parent’s of a black student who was forced to take a Sharpie to the part in his fade, and color in the design. As if forcing a child to color on himself with permanent marker isn’t ridiculous enough, he was struck with the option of taking the Sharpie to his dome… or be suspended!

What the?! How is this real life?

Follow along the full story here with the New York Post, and don’t forget to let us know how this story makes you feel by clicking one of the emoji’s near the end of this post.

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