The historically black college|university — Hampton University has come thru in a major way for the displaced students that attended the University of Bahamas!

As you know Hurricane Dorian came thru and did extensive damage to the popular vacation destination but at the end of the day — home to so many people who are now without! Entire neighborhoods were wiped out from the natural disaster.

On Tuesday — Hampton announced that they would partner with the University of Bahamas and allow the students affected by the storm — to attend their Virginia campus tuition FREE for their fall semester! With so much already weighing on these students [overall health. . .where they will live etc] unsure if they will be able to continue their education during this time just didn’t seem like another notch that needed to be added to their belts — and history shows that a LOT of people from the Bahamas have made Hampton their University of Choice — so the decision to unite in this way was definitely appreciated on both sides!

University of the Bahamas students will also receive room and board for this [1] semester — And will also have the option of staying at Hampton University after the semester is over while paying standard tuition and fees.
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