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On Wednesday, DaBaby posted a video of he car he was riding in, and he documented that he accidentally hit a car while stopping at a traffic light.

He shared the moment with his followers to show the woman some love, but also to use the video as evidence to prove everything thing. In the video, the woman said with a smile on her face that there was no damage done to her car. In the video DaBaby also offered to go ahead and giver her some money for her troubles, and she denied the money without a second thought.

The funny thing in this situation is that she was listening to his music in her car, which definitely helped to diffuse the moment.

DaBaby said to the camera as the woman walked back to her car, “I got that proof. Ain’t no damage. This really for court baby. I appreciate you. Sh*t a n*gga have insurance, but this really for court.”

He then put the camera to the back of the woman’s car to prove that there was no damage done.

DaBaby is known for get sued by his fans, so seeing the video of him recording the situation is definitely understandable and we wish him the best in this situation.