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Gervonta Davis v Hugo Ruiz - Media Workout

Looks like your boy tried to write a check he can’t cash.

So last year round this time. . .Gervonta supposedly visited Shyne Jewelers Inc and “purchased” a Richard Millie RMOU 1-FM watch [priced over $130K] along with a custom Tank pendant. . .some other pendants. . .a Rolex and some other charges. Basically the man was in that boy splurging! I mean. . .he got it right?!

Fast forward to the method of payment. . .he wrote a check. And that is when Gervonta knew he f***ed up! Cause according to the company. . .the check was counterfeit AND they claim Gervonta KNEW the check was fugazzy!

Fast forward to today. . .the boxer is now being sued for $250,000 plus the company’s lawyer fees!

Read more [HERE].

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