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Amber Bennett, from Northeast Ohio, just received an Associates Degree from Tri-C.

Oh, did I mention that she’s only 14 years old and has still yet to graduate high school?!

Oh yeah, Amber is kind of a big deal. Well, her and both of her sisters.

According to an article uploaded by WKYC that you can read here, the Bennett sisters are quite remarkable. While Amber just received her Associates, her older sister Angel may have set the precedent two years ago when she received her first degree at the age of 16. Anita, their 10-year-old kid sister is set to begin taking her first set of college courses next year.

This is all made possible by the College Credit Plus program by Tri-C.

Share this article with anyone who’d like to take part in the program! As you can see, it’s already changing lives!

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