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Hey friends!

So quick question ladies — what did you get for your push gift!? And just in case you aren’t hip. . .it’s a little something your man might gift you after you push out your little bundle of joy! Consider it like a present for the present you physically [and for many. . .with much pain] brought into the world!

Some women I’ve heard received jewelry. Others might have gotten a much needed spa day! Um. . .speaking for myself only. . .I never really heard about a push gift. But if food counts . . then my man bringing me the Dibella’s sub I so greatly craved my entire labor. . .was definitely a gift!

Anyway. . .Keyshia must have pushed with record breaking time or something cause Gucci gave her ONE Million dollars for her push gift! Either that or that’s just what you do when you got it like that. He also penned a nice heartfelt message to Keyshia on social media too [too cute].

Ladies — what would be an ideal “push gift” for you after giving birth???

Read more on her push gift [HERE].

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