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Erica Banks

Source: Kiara Jacobs / Radio One

Artists are often surprised by the record fans pick as their favorite, and for Erica Banks, not only did her song “Buss It” become a club anthem, it is now cemented as one of the biggest viral hits in Hip-Hop. Backstage at Z107.9’s Summer Jam, Erica Banks caught up with our very own DJ Misses. The Texas native revealed what record she was just sure was gonna take off before “Buss It” became a viral sensation.

As it turns out, Banks was just certain that “Toot That,” a track she released in 2020, was going to become a sensation first. And while the track is a certified banger and can be heard in clubs around the country, “Buss It” is a monster all its own.

Credit the power of social media, and in this case, TikTok specifically. The record became the soundtrack to a very sultry online trend appropriately titled The Buss It Challenge. For those out of the loop, the challenge typically begins with a humbly dressed woman who quickly flips the script once Banks’ voice can be heard – revealing a sexy outfit with a bounce to match.

This weekend marked the first time Banks had visited The Land, and in addition to talking music, she also revealed her future plans of scoring gigs in the world of Hollywood. Take a look at the interview and keep an eye out for more exclusive clips from this year’s Summer Jam!!

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