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Kanye West on Drink Champs

Source: Revolt / Revolt

After plenty of anticipation,  last night (Nov. 4) the artist formerly known as Kanye West made his long awaited Drink Champs interview and just as expected he made some eyebrow raising comments that had social media buzzing and some of his Hip-Hop peers shaking their heads.

Before the entire interview aired, clips of Kanye West talking crazy ish about Big Sean, Drake, Just Blaze, and Soulja Boy amongst many other interesting topics. Having sparked a blunt during the interview to go with his bipolar personality, y’all already knew Ye was about to go down the rabbit hole of personal feelings, wild thoughts, and grievances to air during the two hour long interview. In other words, Ye lived up to the hype and didn’t disappoint (but might’ve pissed off some peers) and has become the talk of social media for at least a few days.

As we sit through the entire interview, for archival purposes, here are some of the wildest things we learned from Ye (Kanye West) on Drink Champs.

Big Sean Beef Why?


When touching on the subject of Big Sean, Kanye West pulled out a fake tombstone and said it should read that Kanye belongs in the grave for signing Big Sean. Apparently he took issue with Big Sean and John Legend for not supporting his Presidential campaign and accused them of being used by Democrats against him. Like the Republican he apparently is, Kanye is projecting his onto others what he himself is guilty of. Just sayin.’

Just Blaze Was Just Minding His Business

We can’t say we saw this coming, but Kanye says he would choose Swizz Beatz over Just Blaze simply because “he’s a copycat” and that their levels of success up to this point says everything. Whoa! Really? Ye goes on to say that Blaze gets credit for Jay-Z’s classic Blueprint album as Ye did the first half and says JB followed his style for the other half. “I like the originators, man. I don’t mind the copycats too.” In response, Just showed what class looks like and responded to Ye’s slander in a grown man statement on social media.

Drake Has Real Estate In Ye’s Head

Contrary to popular belief, Ye says that Drake never slept with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, but “acted like he did.” He says he had a conversation with Drizzy and he admitted “I never f*cked Kim.” He says Drake’s actions even turned Kim off from his music saying “I don’t listen to this ni**a no more. This ni**a acted like he f*cked.” Well, good for her. She did immediately “Like” one of Drake’s IG posts as soon as the divorce was official, but that’s her business.

Soulja Boy Weak Bars

Soulja Boy was hella heated about being took off of Kanye’s Donda album, and though Ye calls him “Top 5 influential” of artists today, Kanye explained he took him off the album because the verse wasn’t too good. Still, Kanye believes in Draco saying “I’ll tell you what though, Soulja Boy’s the future though.” Um, ok.

I’m Rich, Beeyotch!

In a group text sent to Jay-Z, Drake, Travis Scott, Kim Kardashian, Pusha T and Kid Cudi , Kanye let it be known to all of them that he’s richer than them and isn’t ashamed to admit it. “On one of the lines that I sent them I said ‘I’m worth more than all of y’all on these text combined.’” What’d Pusha T ever do to Kanye? Cause he voted Democrat instead of Republican?


When asked about getting into a Verzuz battle, Kanye says he would have to go up against at least 4 artists to go up against him. When asked about Drake or Jay for a Verzuz, Kanye says he wouldn’t go up against Jay because that his “boss,” but he would beat Drake in “every situation.” Well, he’s not wrong.


Kanye feels that when white people call Hip-Hop artists “rappers” that’s their way of saying “Ni**er.” Having an honory PHD from the Art Institute of Chicago, Kanye prefers to be called a Hip-Hop Artist whenever white folks talk about him. We not mad at that to be honest.

The Cut

Talking about his weird haircut, Kanye says he cut “three doves” into his dome representing his basketball team, The Donda Doves. “I cut hair for a living back 14, 15 – I used to do that to buy clothes and to buy music equipment.” Apparently he was a struggle barber though as his 6 clients weren’t too happy with the end result. You could tell by the “doves” he cut into his own hair that he made the right choice going into the music game.


Kanye is creating an orphanage called Donda. Saying that 50% of Black deaths a year is attributed to abortion and that Plan B was created by the KKK and Margaret Sanger for “Black population control,” Kanye wants to offer people a place to take their kids if they feel they can’t take care of them or don’t have a support system. He even plans to institute Dr. Sebi’s all-natural diet plan.

Not Divorced… Yet

Kanye took issue with SNL having Kim Kardashian saying she divorced him on live TV because “we not even divorced.” He even says he still hasn’t seen any papers and continues to call her his wife because the divorce isn’t official.

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