Sources tell that they have run across emails regarding a secret sexual relationship between Shaq and Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan.  And Laura is actually friends with Shaunie.  Drama!

Allegedly, Laura and Shaq have been friends in public…and more than friends in private…for the past 5 years. Supposedly they’ve been flying to each others’ towns and meeting up at different events. They even allegedly spent time together last Christmas when Shaq was still playing in Phoenix. Laura just so happened to be there “visiting her sister”.

 Laura likes to go by “Lonnie Govan” and “Lonnie G” and Shaq used multiple email addresses to correspond with her over the past months:

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How crazy is it that Laura and Gilbert are about to have their third child next month and have been engaged for a while now? Those two have aired their dirty laundry in the past though and people have accused Laura of being a gold digger.  Looks like Shaq may still be up to his old cheating ways. He and Shaunie got back together the first time, but if all this turns out to be true, who knows what’ll go down.

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