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Executive produced by Cleveland’s own Quincy ‘Big Heff’ Taylor and Dion Hatcher, The Capp is a drama film based in Cleveland, Ohio. In fact, every actor, writer, and director associated with this movie is from The Land, allowing the writers and actors specifically to completely immerse themselves in an environment that’s extremely familiar to both them and the audience.

Keep reading to check out the trailer and learn when and where you can watch the premiere in the theater!

The Capp tells the story of ‘The Capp Era’, the biggest and most dominant music presence in the city. The year is 2006, and Mac (Lewis Fletcher) has some tough decisions to make after returning home from college.

Here’s the synopsis from the movie’s website:

It’s 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Capp Era is the most dominant presence in the Cleveland music scene. A newly graduated Mac (Lewis Fletcher) has some tough decisions to make as he returns home from college. Money problems continue to overwhelm Mac and opportunities present themselves with a sheisty entrepreneur Jaro (Hakeem Sharif) wanting his piece of the city. Mac realizes the importance of family, friends, and passion as he maneuvers to make a name for himself.

Cleveland actors Fletcher, Hakeem Shareef, Leslie Jennings Maldonado, Dion Hatcher, and Ronald AD Mayo all star in the film. It was written by John Lavelle, Terrance Glave, and Dion Hatcher.

The cast and crew for The Capp will be at the premiere on Sunday, November 6th at the Cedar Lee Theater! The red carpet kicks off at 5 pm, with the movie starting promptly at 7 pm.

For more information on how you can watch the premiere of The Capp, [click here].