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52nd NAACP Image Awards

Ok! The Bad Boys themselves confirmed it! There will be a Bad Boys 4 on the way! Which kind of makes me wish they didn’t name the last one “Bad Boys For Life” cause that could have been “Bad Boys 4 Life” but it doesn’t even matter — we’re getting another one!

In 1995 the classic we all know and credit [Bad Boys] put us in a movie chokehold! In 2003 we got em’ back for Bad Boys II and although a lot of people feared it wouldn’t be as good as the first one — Will and Martin delivered again! Now 2 years ago we were all surprised to hear we’d be getting another Bad Boys installment and if I’m being honest — ennnh it wasn’t as good as the first 2. But here we are again with news the two are really doing this Bad Boys thing for life and I’m like come on with it! Why not! It really is Bad Boys for life and honestly I’m just glad to see Will happy doing what he loves!

The two made the video below to deliver the news:

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