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EXCLUSIVE: Jor’Dan Armstrong Breaks Down His “Church Boy From The Hood” Persona

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Ever heard of a “church boy from the hood”? Although that sounds like the biggest oxymoron — a contradiction to contradict all contractions! — it’s actually the best way to describe Christian R&B singer Jor’Dan Armstrong.

Hailing himself as the “King Of Christian R&B,” Jor’Dan has both the talent and accolades to sit comfortably in that throne. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the 35-year-old holy hitmaker has done a bang-up job over the years at incorporating the best that gospel has to offer with the modern twist and sound of contemporary R&B in addition to hints of hip-hop as well. If his chart-topping success with singles like “My God” and the Erica Campbell-assisted “Call” weren’t enough to convince you, the appeal of his 2022 album, Church Girls Love R&B, and its summer 2023 follow-up, Church Girls Love R&B – Girls Trip, were clear testaments to the grace he has in store for our ears as his burgeoning career in making contemporary Christian bangers continues to rise.

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Interestingly enough, his musical skills extend beyond laying down verses in the booth thanks to his “side hustle” as an in-demand producer as well. Crafting up serenading tunes alongside established mixmasters like Troy Taylor, Smash David and OG Parker just to name a few, Jor’Dan Armstrong has always proved there’s no limit to his creative output.

“I’m so honored and grateful to be a part of what God is doing in the industry and genre that we’re in; lives are being changed,” he told us with a cool-as-ice demeanor, further adding, “I’m so glad that we’re not focusing on just the methods anymore — the results are there! So many people’s lives are changing, and so many people are inspired. I’m grateful to be a part of that — it’s something I saw in the vision 10 years ago — and God is really doing his thing with it.”

…elevate, elevate, elevate!

Enjoy our full “ELEV8 Exclusive” with Jor’Dan Armstrong above!

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