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In a world where it’s easy to forget to “love on yourself” because the focus is often shifted to those around you, it’s time to shift into a new way of thinking and prioritize self-love. You deserve the love you so easily give to others. Because if we can’t love ourselves in totality first and foremost, how can we truly expect others to do so? While there are several different ways to show yourself love throughout the day, words of affirmation are an effective and easy way to make sure you’re reminded of your worth and that you belong in this world. Not only will stating these affirmations motivate you, but the more you recite them, the more you will eventually believe them.

If you cherish the relationships in your life and want to see them grow, start at the root — cater to yourself. Below are 9 self-love affirmations to remind yourself that you’re worthy.

I am enough.

Embrace who you are. You are meant to be here for a reason and there is purpose in your presence, flaws and all.

Everything will work out in my favor.

Sometimes we just need to disconnect and take a moment to sit back and breathe. Whatever you may be going through, God has already taken care of it. Ground yourself, take a deep breath, and believe He’ll work things out in your favor.

Small progress is still progress.

Give yourself grace. At the end of the day, small wins are still wins. You’re taking the necessary steps. Keep going.

I have power over my thoughts and emotions.

They say, “what you think, you become.” Be mindful of the way your thoughts make you feel. Make sure they are rooted in positivity.

My self-worth is not defined by what others think of me.

Your worth is not dependent on your past or the negative thoughts of those around you. You are a treasured gift from God.

I have the power to achieve my dreams.

Your dreams are achievable and they are closer than you think. Continue to focus on what’s in store and watch God bless you with the means to make each and every dream come to pass.

I will love my body despite the changes it endures.

In this lifetime, you’re given one body. It’s important that you love and treat it with respect. Loving your body doesn’t mean you won’t have days you might feel insecure, it simply means you choose to love it despite the moments those insecurities show up.

My story is still being written.

Life happens. Don’t beat yourself up over could’ve, should’ve, would’ves. Baby steps. Without the bad days, you can never truly appreciate the good days.

My intuition never fails to guide me towards what is for my good.

The past is the past and the choices that were made cannot be undone. Each choice was made for a reason. Move forward knowing and believing that you did what was best for you at the end of the day.

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