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With controversy still surrounding the death and post-mortem wishes of the recently deceased Guru (Keith Elam), DJ Premier revealed details on his final hospital meeting with his estranged Gang Starr collaborator.

In a discussion on his Sirius Hip-Hop Nation radio show, Premier stated that he visited a comatose Guru in the hospital, despite reports that Guru confidant Solar has a strict visitation list in place that did not include Premier and certain family members.

The visit, according to Premier, was the first meeting between the famed duo since 2003, when they split for still undisclosed reasons following their sixth studio album, The Ownerz.

“When I saw Guru it really f****d me up. I wore a Gang Starr shirt first of all; just for the energy and so he knew that that’s forever with us,” Premier said. “And that includes everyone that came before me; I know every one of them…It was so ill [because] of what I was hearing of him waking up, writing, and Tweeting and all that stuff. There was no way. He looked so gone.”

Although hospitals normally handle grooming requirements such as nails, Premier described an unfortunate scene of Guru looking disheveled and unkempt, causing the acclaimed producer’s anger to rise at Solar over his claims that he took care of Guru in his final days.

“If you love him, and you’re taking care of him, why the f**k did his nails look longer than a f*****g ruler?!” Premier accused. “[And] a clump Afro?! I’ve taken care of people in the hospital [before]. You can wash their hair and clean their nails off. His feet were swollen and his toenails were really disgusting…I took the logo on my shirt and rubbed it against his whole body and told him a message from me about how much I loved him, and that we were for life and still were for life. Then I kissed him on his face and let him know that I was going to miss him because it seemed like he was already gone.”

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