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A recent story in the Anniston Star is causing quite a stir on the Internet. We often hear about communities ranting about prom season and the recent trend of young ladies showing up to the prom looking like street walkers. We have all seen the oft-e-mailed photos of girls in pasties and young men with pimp cups. We have called for increased accountability across the board from the parents and the school administration for enforcing standards of appropriate dress at these events. Well, one high school principal agreed that women’s wear at proms was getting a little too sleazy and decided to do something about it. But has he gone too far?

Oxford High School, a school in Calhoun County, Ala., prom dress codes are strictly enforced. Some say too strictly. This year, the Anniston Star reports that 25 students were disciplined for violating the prom dress code. The strangest part of the story, though, is that the students were allowed to stay at the prom, but the following week, they had to choose the option of receiving corporal punishment (by paddling) or a three-day suspension.

Who knew you could still paddle kids in some parts of the country? Nice.

The principal, Trey Holladay, defends the policy stating that, “We’re using the same policy we’ve had for the last five years. Being a parent, I want to make sure girls and guys act accordingly. We’re a high school, and our community has certain expectations of what is appropriate.”

Here is the dress code:

According to the Oxford prom dress code, females must wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses. The dresses cannot be made of transparent material, there cannot be slits more than four inches above the knee and there must be no revealing neck lines or back lines. The dresses can be sleeveless or strapless, provided all body parts from the shoulder to the knee are covered. Girls also can’t wear two-piece dresses with the midriff showing or with removable material covering the cleavage area.

Males must wear tuxedos or suits. They cannot wear tennis shoes or oversized clothing.