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Street Soldiers with Basheer Jones discusses a resent police incident with Cleveland high school students who are peacefully protesting. Police use excessive force when dealing with two teenage girls. Video is disturbing.

FIND OUT HOW TO HELP BELOW! These Students walked out of Collinwood High School in protest of massive school cuts. The Cleveland police responded with the brutality shown in the video above. Do you think these young girls deserved to get this treatment. The police officer slams one girl on the pavement and another puts his knee on her head onto the concrete. Was this force justified in your eyes?

Here is Seth Bartelkamp, organizer of the student walkout telling Channel 3 News WKYC about what occurred:

Here is footage of the protest by hundreds of students outside of Collinwood High the day afterword:

Call the Fifth District Police station, 216-623-5618 & 216-623-6500 to demand all charges against the students be dropped and to protest the brutal treatment of the students. Call the Cleveland Board of Education, 216-574-8000 and Collinwood High School, 216-451-8782 to demand the suspensions be rescinded and that Seth Barlekamp not be threatened with expulsion.

Sign online petition for the students: