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Feelings were hurt when Netflix dropped the latest special from comedian Dave Chappelle, the Closer. To know Chappelle is to know that he says what everyone else is afraid to say, not only that but he also just speaks on how he feels. Netflix has some employees of the Trans Community that is not happy […]

Now 7 months pregnant with the baby of rapper Tracey T. Kash Doll sat down on a podcast with Jalen Rose and spend up about her early days when she was an erotic dancer in Detroit. She was young, car was stolen, house caught on fire, and she was living with her mom. During that […]

According to NBC4i.com  we can expect more rain showers, and cool to begin this weekend and follow into the coming week. It was already hoodie season but now its definitely time to pull the coats and umbrellas out. Why is it that soon as its time for Halloween it gets super cold, to where you […]

Nicki Minaj was facing a default judgment lawsuit of $15million is she did not reposed to the harassment lawsuit filed by Jennifer Hough. That is the woman who accused Nickis Husband Kenneth Petty of rape in 1994, Petty however coped a plea deal being convicted of Alleged Rape. Hough is claiming that Nicki had been […]

The Drug Enforcement Administration will be hosting a National Drug Take Back Day this Saturday. According to the DEA, the event aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications. Several law enforcement agencies in central Ohio are taking part in the […]

So Governor Mike DeWine has just unveiled the new license plate for Ohioans and true Ohioans are going to be very happy when they see that Cornfields are taking up the whole plate. With people not knowing much about Ohio, except for what they read or have heard, if they haven visited the big cities […]

An airway in Britain will no longer use words like Ladies and Gentlemen on flights when they get passengers. This is pat of their push for using gender neutral terms. BritishAirways spoke out on their reasoning for this decision ⁠ “We celebrate diversity and inclusion, and we’re committed to ensuring that all our customers feel […]

Well it took them long enough to help people get their health together. The FDA is now looking into the amount of salt humans place in their body according to New York Reports. The administration is giving food companies  little over two years to get this done. Apparently the No.1 cause of premature deaths in […]

Would you be for a new law in Ohio that would allow people to carry with no license? Well theres a new bill in question that would allow Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon without license. According to NBC4i.com, House Bill 227 would eliminate the requirement of Ohioans to get a license before they carry […]

Things are not pretty for Tyga right now who is accused of placing his hands on his girlfriend and leaving her with a black eye. The ex girlfriend of Tyga, Camaryn is denying that she appeared at Togas house, unannounced and under the influence, screaming at the top of her lungs. Law enforcement say that […]

This is proving the point of Dave Chapelle all the way to be true. You can literally get away with murder and the world will brush it off but the minute you decide to have a perspective that is not in alignment with the LGBTQ you are Cancelled. One of the NFLs highest paid coaches, […]

Two hospital in the city of Cleveland are going to stop doing transplants for patients that are no vaccinated. November the 1st will be the final date for patients to abide by health protocols, in order to remain on the transplant waiting list. Both living donors and recipients will be required to be vaccinated prior […]