Being a rapper without a hit has to be a hard job. Especially when your known for flexing on your haters, showing out, and f’ing the next mans b****…..enter Roscoe Dash. Whens news hit the net that he was a LYFT driver he went into instant damage recovery mode, threw on his chains and rebutted […]

In keeping with the theme of “Bad Teachers” ……… (keep in mind, I dont write this stuff I just report on it lol)

Where have all the good teachers gone?? What happened to the Ms. Johnsons of the world?? You know, coffee stained teeth and cigarette breath masked by an Elizabeth Taylor fragrance??? sigh. Check out the action below and be sure to tune into @thedaypartycle (IG) everyday 3p-7p !

I love the new generation but I imagine that I look at them the same way my parents gen looked @ us. Certain things I just dont understand like the whole “live phenomenon”. When we were coming up (classic old n**** statement) we did things to keep our vices or crimes under the radar. We […]

Ro Digga

Man. . .Just read the post below and you’ll understand why these parents rightfully deserved the You Big Dummy Award! Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!  


What do ya think about this one??? Via Fox 5 DC: A disturbing new trend called “stealthing” is making its way into bedrooms nationwide, but there is nothing sexy about it and can be even dangerous. Stealthing is when a man secretly removes his condom during sex without telling his partner and without their consent. […]

Its been a long time….we shouldnt have left you, without a Big Dummy to step to !! This one is pretty unbelievable. Picture a Baby Momma confronting the new GF inside of Walmart with a can of mase. What happens next is the stuff Dummy Legends are made of.

This one really speaks for itself….we have to do better when it comes to social media responsibility. Regardless of our theories or feelings we have to consider that there could possibly be real people involved…….real people from OUR city.

Today we have a different group of Pastoral Pervs….Cordell Jenkins & Anthony Haynes of Toledo Ohio have both been charged with heinous crimes. Hit play to find out exactly why they deserve the award !

Todays #YouBigDummyAward goes to Rev Kenneth Adkins!! Watch the video below to find out why & be sure to follow @TheDayPartyCLE, @DjKNYCE & @RoDigga !!! The Day Party airs everyday 3p-7p !!!

    Todays #YouBigDummyAward goes to (drum roll)……..United Airlines !! Hit play below to find out why !!  


Looks Like United Airlines couldn’t get enough of being the You Big Dummy Award Winner cause they’re back this time for some more BS! Crazy right? Well United continued to stick behind their ruthless decision amid the negative attention it got them: Celebrities have since responded: Here’s what United had to say about it: Needless […]