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If you’re celebrating a birthday today. . .first of all. . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You aren’t the only getting turnt for their born day tho!
You share your day today with the following celebs:



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Rampant fires in the Amazon, species disappearing before our eyes, glaciers melting, polluted waters and plastic-filled oceans. As if! How can you do your part to turn this thing around? Here are some easy tips to live more sustainably: Avoid single-use plastics by using a reusable water bottle, straw, cutlery, containers and shopping bags. It’s simple and fun! Set yourself up for success - leave a pair of reusable cutlery in your bag and a jar in your car and you’ll be surprised how much it comes in handy. Go Veg or try meatless Monday… Or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… too ;) Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, species extinction, ocean dead zones, deforestation and habitat destruction (see @cowspiracy) Visit for #vegan recipes + inspiration, and #thekinddiet if you want to dive further with tons more super yum recipes and info on how you can improve your health and prevent disease through a plant-based diet! Shop consciously! The fashion industry can be super wasteful and highly pollutive (factory smokestacks, textile dyes waste polluting nearby waterways, plastic wrapping, shipping..) Support second hand thrift stores! You can find chic vintage looks and save money. If you are seeking something new, there are increasingly more and more brands driven by sustainability and have lovely eco clothes. I post tons of them on my stories if you need any leads!

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