So for every however many of em there are who aren’t here for the WAP collab. . .There’s a whole lot more who are here for it! And for the powerful women who are. . .Cardi and Meg had a #WAPParty to show their appreciation for the love and support!

You might have even been one of the ladies who participated [I wish I had seen this cause I would have sent my cash app name up real quick lol]! Basically. . .Cardi and Megan partnered with Twitter and Cash App to give away $1 Million dollars! All you had to do was tweet #WAPParty and your Cash App handle and then cross your fingers and hope your name was selected for the direct deposit!

The contest has since ended and I don’t know anyone who got their share of that milly. . .but it’s definitely a dope gesture! And shout out to the ladies again for making #WAP the first female rap collab to snag that number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

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