Bryshere Gray

The rumor on this guy is that allegedly. . .”Hakeem” is newly married or flat out married I don’t know. . .and that he is already cheating on his wife.

Supposedly some girl reached out to The Shade Room with the tea on Mr. Gray and how he was messing with her homegirl. She claims some chick claiming to be Bryshere’s wife blocked the girl from contacting Bryshere on social media and blocked her phone number as well.

You can read more on all of that below.

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#RoommateTalk posts are 100 percent user submitted, and we cannot confirm with 100 percent certainty the validity of these claims or allegations. So sip wisely Roommates! ____________________ Dear TSR, Shaderoom I got some piping hot tea about Bryshere Gray (aka Hakeem from “Empire") that ya’ll definitely gonna wanna sip! So, for the most part he tries to keep his personal life quiet…but he just got caught slippin! He DM’d my homegirl outta nowhere and asked for her number and said he wanted to meet up the same night. My girl thought that someone was trolling her, so she told him to FaceTime to prove it was really him…and guess what y'all...he did. So, he sends her his addy at the hotel and tells her to meet him, but don’t bring any extra people. I was kind of worried, but I told her to make sure she records everything! _____________________ She told me that the first meeting was cool & everything, and he confessed that he was single & just had a daughter—but was considering going to ASU now that “Empire” is over. The way she described him, he seemed cool. But, this is the REAL TEA, they meet up again at his apartment and she told me that it was a decent spot, but it was messy, she said that there were tampons in the trash and on the floor & it was just messy y'all. So after that, my girl told him, “the next time we meeting at my place” and he definitely showed up like five times. ______________________ Things were going good with them, she told me they were boo’d up doing couple s**t and stuff like that & he told her he loved her—but then he hit her with “I don’t want you talking to other guys". My girl ain’t no fool, so she told him that was cool, but he needed to do the same. The very next day, s**t hit the fan ya’ll! She was supposed to meet up with him, but he didn’t respond to any of her texts or calls. Figuring that he was in the studio or something, she didn’t think twice about it…until she got a surprise Snapchat from some chick claiming to be his WIFE! Right after that, his “wife” blocked my girl from contacting Hakeem on Snap, IG & blocked her number too. So, tuh! We started digging & found that Bryshere’s mom was-Click The Link In Bio To Read More!

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