Arya Stark-Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

Source: Helen Sloan/HBO / HBO

HBO sure does know how to draw a crowd for Game of Thrones.

Now, I can’t even watch the preview yet because I’m only on season 4 (I know, I know), but from what we’re hearing – it’s pretty epic! Check it out below! And let us know, what do you think will happen in the last episode? How will you deal with GOT withdrawal once it’s over?

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“GoT” is almost at the end. Warning: spoilers ahead.

While Kawhi Leonard was busy sinking logic-defiant shots, television sets were also programmed elsewhere as fans continue to count down toward the series finale episode of Game of Thrones.

Shortly after Sunday’s showing of Episode 5 of Game Of Thrones in which Dany would finally burn King’s Landing to the ground, HBO unveiled the trailer for episode 6th, the final episode of the cult favorite television series.