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Last night (Nov. 5) Kanye West, perhaps the most polarizing figure in Hip-Hop today, decided it would be a good idea to share his personal thoughts while downing various brands of liquor on the Drink Champs podcast.

Alongside Nore and DJ EFN, the rapper rattled off opinions on everything from his highly publicized split from Kim Kardashian, beefs with Drake, repairing his relationship with Jay-Z, owing Beanie Sigel money and so much more.

Hey, the guy even took time out to diss Big Sean, John Legend and Talib Kweli – three of the most humble, non-aggressive gentleman in the game. So yeah.. once the liquor set it, all bets were off.

It’s definitely one of Ye’s more colorful interviews. But as outspoken as he’s been since the start of his career, it’s fair to say we haven’t heard the latest outrageous statements from Mr. West.

Check out the gallery below for highlights from Kanye’s stop by Drink Champs.

1. “The worst thing I’ve ever done was sign Big Sean.”

2. “How ’bout we start owning some stock or some land. What we own? Braids.”

Kanye West on Kimmel Source:abc

3. “Just Blaze Is A Copycat”

4. ..And Just Blaze replies

5. Kanye to Talib Kweli: “Go open up a book and read yourself to death.”

John Legend's 28th Birthday Party at Stereo in New York City Source:Getty

6. Oh Yeah, Big Sean Responded to Kanye

7. “We Not Even Divorced.”

8. “Don’t text me!’

9. “I owe Beanie [Sigel] money.”

10. Kanye on his beef with Drake

11. “White boy, don’t never speak on me and Dame!”

12. Kanye Feels Like He’s Being Duplicated

13. Don’t Text Kanye Back Slow, Ladies

14. Kanye on white people and the N-Word

15. Kanye Mocks John Legend