New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers

Ok. . .before I get into the details. . .Can I just say that some people got a lot of nerve coming for someone about their business when they got whole ass problems of their own?!

Aight so we all know about the drama Tristan Thompson put Khloe through [and her family too]! Jordyn Woods had become a homewrecker but at the same time. . .many praised her [it was weird]. It was pretty much a wrap for Khloe and TT.  Fast forward to now. . .neither have confirmed their love life has been reconciled. . .however I read they have been quarantining together! The two still co-parent their daughter and share holidays as a family. Fast forward a little bit more to a recent episode of KUWTH. . .Khloe shared her desires to freeze her eggs with Tristan’s sperm in hopes for a future baby!

From that. . .fans speculated that Khloe must be currently pregnant with Tristan’s baby. People were not feeling the rumors and basically dragged her on social media!

This is where I can totally understand how for example. . .I might be a little annoyed with my girl or family member for taking back a dog ass man and on top of that having another baby by that same man. . .but to drag this woman for something that might not even be true AND if it is. . .is her own damn business. . .I just think people should mind theirs.

See the comments below plus a comment from Khloe too!

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