Lawd ya. . .these last couple of days been nothin but drama on the internet! First you have Draya VS her ex Orlando! Then Alexis VS Jayda and Ari AND Masika!

Well the beef ain’t done cookin yet it appears cause last night Bhad Bhabie and Skai Jackson got into it. Well really. . .it was Bhabie doing the hollerin cause Miss Jackson ain’t said too much at all!

Howeverrrrrr. . .The mama’s of both ladies have stepped into the ring and let’s just say Skai’s mama wants the smoke over her child!

Oh by the way. . .apparently it all started over Skai allegedly posting a picture of NBA Youngboy that set Bhad Bhabie off. And then Bhabie left a comment about Skai under a photo on Skai’s mama’s page!

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