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President Trump Hosts Kanye West And Former Football Player Jim Brown At The White House

Source: Pool / Getty

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like there’s an overabundance of rappers out there who really love them some Donald J. Trump. We just talked about how DaBaby recently referred to Trump as ‘gangsta’ for pardoning Kodak Black, but don’t be fooled into thinking that he’s the only one who appears to want DT back in the White House.


OK, maybe ‘love’ is too strong of a word. But ol’ Donny has a grip on the hearts of at least a few of some of the most popular rappers out right now. Who can forget Kanye West’s MAGA hat days? Or when Lil Wayne publicly endorsed Trump and co-signed the ‘Platinum Plan’ for the black community?

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Now, of course, we live in a ‘free’ country and people have the right to support whoever they want – even if that person is essentially the rallying leader of white supremacy groups across the nation. People’s political preferences are personal, and we all know that not one man or woman is enough to quell all of the problems of the United States.

Long story short, do with this information what you feel!

With the presidential primaries less than two months away, let’s take a look at some recent times where rappers have come out in public support of the 45th President of the United States.

1. Sexxy Red

BET Hip Hop Awards 2023 - Arrivals Source:Getty

About a week ago Sexxy Red made waves after declaring her admiration for the former president in an interview with Theo Von on his This Past Weekend podcast.

“I like Trump,” she remarked. “Yeah, they support him in the hood. At first I don’t think people was f–king with him. They thought he was racist, saying little s–t against women. But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people that free money. Aww baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office. Trump, we miss you.”

2. DaBaby

DaBaby talks about how gangsta Donny is for pardoning Kodak Black from prison. 

3. Kanye West

US-PEOPLE-politics-RACE-TRUMP-KANYE Source:Getty

Yeezy went from “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” to wearing Make America Great Again snapbacks. Some stuff is just too wild to be made up.

4. Kodak Black

Rolling Loud Miami 2022 Source:Getty

Kodak has never been shy of supporting Trump, and once said, “I wouldn’t give a damn if he let me out of prison anyway. I was still f*ckin’ with Trump.”

5. Lil Pump

Trump was so excited to have the ‘Gucci Mane’ rapper at one of his rallies that he accidentally referred to him as Lil Pimp.

6. 50 Cent… but just for a minute!

50 Cent was extremely opposed to what appeared to be a planned tax increase for the wealthy from Joe Biden’s camp back during the 202o presidential campaigns. But after some public maligning and a harsh word from ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, Fif came through with a change of heart.

7. Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign’s 2019 since ‘Big Drip’ featured a person wearing a customized MAGA hat. In this clip Foreign explains his thought process behind that move.

8. Lil Wayne

Bumpboxx Honors 75th Anniversary Of Jackie Robinson Breaking The Color Barrier With Celebrity Softball Game At Jackie Robinson Field Source:Getty

Lil Wayne was also gifted a pardon from DT on his last official day as president. Weezy potentially faced a 10-year prison sentence for a gun charge.

9. Waka Flocka Flame

2021 Revolt Summit Source:Getty

Wake once nearly broke the internet for saying that Trump was a better president than Barak Obama. 

10. BlocBoy JB

Yo Gotti's CMG 2022 Press Conference Source:Getty

BlocBoy JB once tweeted “Trump Might Would Got My Vote If I Wasn A Felon.”

11. Asian Doll

Asian Doll was once dragged online for this rant, where she explicitly claims “I rather trump be the president then that other dude fasho.”