So according to a SOURCE, Rihanna and Mr. A$AP have been getting pretty close. The word is that these two struck up a “tour” romance…maybe spending all that time on tour together sparked some other feelings? Regardless of the rumors…I’ve compiled a gallery of these two together!

The first set of pictures are from their most recent video shoot together and some say they even shared a kiss! True or not, I guess we will have to see how this one unfolds!

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1. Rihanna & Rocky On Video Set

Rihanna & Rocky On Video Set

Photo: Google

2. Rocky & Rihanna On Video Set

Rocky & Rihanna On Video Set

Is this the “kiss” that’s got people talking?
Photo: Google

3. Video Set

Video Set

Photo: Google

4. This Photo Right Here!

This Photo Right Here!

Photo: Google