During last night’s explosive episode of ” Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ” viewers watched as Miles came out to his ex Amber who burst into a fit of tears before reacting violently to his confession. Also his current boyfriend Milan Christopher was throwing not so subtle shade the entire time. before asking Amber how she possibly couldn’t […]

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This week’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Hollywood featured the moment everyone has been waiting for.  Miles finally tells Amber the truth about his…

Rumor has it that Wiz confronted Kanye West over a jab West took at Rose during his show-stealing set at Coachella. During his performance of “Stronger,” “I did my set and we hung around for a bit, but we weren’t even there when fam was onstage,” Wiz said. “Somebody made that up. I think they […]


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Kanye got into Amber’s pants. Literally! Now she takes them back?!


PETA, the animal rights activist group, had some less than kind words to say about Kanye West and Amber Rose after the two were spotted in furs while attending fashion week events in Paris.


I’m going to let you finish Mother Teresa but Kanye is the greatest homeless people feeder of all time…. But good for Kanye.


Kanye West and Amber Rose we out last night to see Avatar! Forget the rumors you heard of Kanye with another girl, Amber is still by Yeezy’s side.


Could Kanye and Amber be planning a SECRET WEDDING??? We can’t say for certain, but something is DEFINITELY UP between these two.