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The snapback is real for Angela Simmons who showed off her post-baby body while on vacation this week.

These babies greeted the world this year and made their parents (and our) lives cuter than ever before. Take a look at our favorite babies born in 2016 in the accompanying gallery.

The 29-year-old designer and reality star kept her child's birth top secret.

Congrats Angela!! She is officially a new mommy! via Essence The reality star, 29, has given birth to a healthy baby boy. Simmons, who regularly documents her life on Instagram, shared the news and the first photo of herself holding her newborn baby boy on the popular social sharing site. Of course, the celebratory messages […]

The most intriguing part of the festivities was the confirmed identify of her fiancé and unborn child's father.


A couple of weeks ago, Angela Simmons confirmed that she was engaged and that her fiancé Sutton Sean Tennyson are expecting their first child.

Looks like all the rumors have come to a halt, concerning Angela Simmons and her pregnancy.

There might be a not only a wedding shower but a baby shower on the way for Angela Simmons.  She was spotted recently in a pic with what looked to be a bit of a baby bump. Plus when she was asked about the pregnancy rumors she wouldn’t confirm…but she didn’t say she wasn’t pregnant […]

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I just love Angela Simmons so I’m super happy she’s found happiness and finally got a ring put on it…a BIG RING! The 28-year-old announced her engagement on instagram by showing off her gorgeous ring given to her my her mystery man. Check it out below: She gushed on Instagram saying: YES!! I couldn’t be […]