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Reportedly. . .G Herbo plead guilty today to a battery case that involved his baby mother Ari back in April 2019! Herbo was facing one count of misdemeanor battery for allegedly dragging Ari [the mother of his child] by her hair and scratching for her. Will he be serving jail time tho??? The answer to […]

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Since Apryl [Omarion’s baby mama] and Lil Fizz [Omarion’s boy and group member] made the once rumors come true of their dating — things have been pretty candid between the two! Showing lots of P.D.A and then some! Sharing their first “open” kiss for the gram and world to see — that it IS real! […]

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Trey been posting all the photos in the world of him and his little cutie pie son! What he hasn’t posted is photos of the mama! Lol And that has been the one thing on his fans mind — who is the mama?!? I mean she most likely is not the mother of Noah but […]

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Crazy sh*t went down the other day when Alexis Skyy and her friend were allegedly robbed. . .at GUN POINT. . .at a local gas station in Atlanta! After it was all said and done. . .the two women were not hurt but I heard the Maserati truck that the reality star was driving has […]

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Young Thug took to Twitter to go on a rant to plead for custody of his 11 alleged children.

Every time the Drake & Meek Mill beef seems to be blowing over, somebody adds more fuel to the fire. This time, it might be Meek’s baby mama,…

Controversial rapper Chief Keef took to Twitter on Tuesday to say he’s out for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s job. “Vote for me!!!! … Yall gonna love me in the Office,” the 19-year-old tweeted.  This week he posted on Twitter, “I’m running for mayor of Chicago.. It’ll be the best thing done yet!” Mayor Rahm Emanuel is […]

Our couple today are high school sweethearts with a nine-month-old baby. The problem is the alleged father has reason to believe his girl has been…

NBA All-Star  Paul George has amicably settled his once-searing paternity battle with New York beauty Daniela Rajic over their 7-month-old daughter, Olivia. The injured 24-year-old Indiana Pacers star  who earns about $18 million a year and ex-stripper Rajic on Tuesday reached a “joint parenting   agreement” and child-support settlement over Olivia, Page Six has exclusively learned. George’s attorney Harriet […]

Wooow! Wait until you hear this edition of Paternity Test Tuesday. Our alleged father today claims he cheated on his wife with another woman, because he…

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Source | Mediatakeout  According MTO: Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl have reportedly BROKEN UP because she is REFUSING to give her son a DNA TEST, and prove he’s Omarion’s. Even though Apryl and Omarion seem to have a very GOOD RELATIONSHIP – but Omarion’s MOM has been throwing FUEL ON THE FIRE. According MTO, Omarion’s […]