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My Comm students talk about violence in the community and how it effects teens and also how to help stop it with Bijou Star.

Last week I was contacted by a Chris Tye of Cleveland’s WKYC news network about doing a segment on our afternoon radio show on WENZ 107.9 featuring Colby Colb and I, and of course we were flattered to be apart of their ‘Radio Week’. Over the past few days WKYC has been on location with […]

The Bijou Star Files SPECIAL EDITION: Bijou's Message to the city after The Lebron James "Decision" and Dan Gilbert and the fans response...<strong> A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE FROM CLEVELAND AND SURROUNDING AREAS!</strong>

<strong>The Bijou Star Files Daily Celebrity News and Gossip:</strong> The truth about why Jay-Z, Bey and Rhianna missed the BET Awards! Did Lebron decide to leave Cleveland? You won't believe how much money Tiger Woods gave his wife in the divorce settlement!! and more!!

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<strong>The Bijou Star Files</strong> Daily Celeb News and Gossip: <strong>Mo'Nique's</strong> brother tells <strong>Oprah</strong> he moletesed her as a child! Is <strong>Ciara</strong> beefing with <strong>Keri Hilson</strong>? Did <strong>Reggie Bush</strong> get into a fight with <strong>Kanye West over Kim K.</strong>? and MORE!

<strong>The Bijou Star Files</strong> Daily Celeb News and Gossip Report: Is <strong>Shaq</strong> loosing his mind threatening to kill Shaunie's new man!? <strong>Nelly</strong> goes off on a crazy groupie on the radio! <strong>Nicki Minaj</strong> opens up about her abusive father and bi-sexual rappers! and MORE!