Be careful what you put in your body…! Do realize that what doesn’t belong in your body will eventually come out…#Fact. So according to Mediatakeout Brazilian TV Host & Supermodel  Andrea Teresa Marach AKA Andressa Urach is being hospitalized from a horrible infection involving her thigh & butt injections. This is what Andressa looked like […]

Source | Globalgrind Rather than brave the cold winter weather, Rihanna jetted down to Brazil to shoot some Vogue pics, take in the sunshine and kick it with her crew. As always, everyone’s favorite bad gal kept it super sexythe entire trip and we’ve got the photos to prove it. During her stay, Rihanna took to the water with her gal […]

Brazilian funk artist Daniel Pellegrine, known as MC Daleste, is dead after being shot in the abdomen Saturday night while performing in the city of Campinas. Pellegrine was mid-song when a bullet struck him, causing the 20-year-old performer to fall back in a sitting position before others on stage came to his aid. The incident was caught on […]

There are reports coming out of Rihanna’s camp that she fell off the wagon (again). “Rihanna was doing so well,” said my source referring to the fragile superstar cutting back on her drinking in recent weeks. The source added that Rihanna wasn’t too upset over the furor caused by her wearing her necklace with the […]

(CNN) — Brazil’s new president-elect vowed to continue her predecessor’s move to fight against inequality and promote human rights and fight poverty in her victory speech Sunday night.

A man in Brazil was recently pulled over for speeding in a wheelchair going in excess of 60 mph. Check out the video for yourself!

This new dance in Brazil is in my opinion a way to make a man really sore!

Sometimes stars fade. Things are not looking good for diva Mariah Carey. The 39-year-old’s remixes for her ‘Angel’s Advocate’ LP have failed to excite fans, with the lead singles ‘Up Out My Face’ featuring Nicki Minaj and the Ne-Yo-assisted ‘Angel’s Cry’ failing miserably on the charts. While ‘Up Out My Face’ peaked disappointingly at #100 […]

We’ve all seen Bey meet the floor on more than one occasion. The singer took a spill while performng at the Florianopolis Music Festival in Brasil last week.