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Now I heard about this earlier today but then Chris posted this on his IG page to confirm the craziness: Could you even imagine this happening to you? SMH Good thing that’s all she did…you never know with people these days! Via TMZ: Chris Brown came home Wednesday night to find a naked woman […]

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Why did a man want to speak to the man who broke in his house? Listen to Rock-T‘s  Joke Of The Day in the audio player to hear the reason! …

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When one Oklahoma girl found herself in a tough spot, she took matters into her own hands. Police say the Calera 12-year-old used the family’s gun to shoot and injure an alleged home invader on Wednesday, KFOR reports. “And what we understand right now, he was turning the doorknob when she fired through the door,” said the Bryan County […]

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WTF! At first I thought this was a joke but then I read further and all I’ma say is…Hell Naaaaaaw! lol – RoDigga A man with mental issues broke into the East Hampton home of Diddy recently.  He was convinced that Diddy wouldn’t mind if he crashed there so he made himself at home by […]


EASTON, Pa. – An eastern Pennsylvania man was charged after he allegedly broke into a home, cut his hair and prepared fried chicken before being discovered.