Rap artist, producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur extraordinaire Dr. Dre (pictured) co-founder of the Beats audio devices, reportedly just purchased the Brentwood, Calif., estate belonging to NFL’s…


Fast food giant Yum! Brands which owns KFC, Taco Bell and more is lobbying Kentucky’s governor to allow food stamp users to buy fast food. Currently Kentucky’s Food Assistance Program provides money to those in need to buy food — but that does not include fast food. Yum! says the elderly, disabled, and homeless should be able […]

Snoop and his wife, Shante celebrated their 14th anniversary over the weekend. The party ended with a huge surprise, Snoop gave Shante aka Boss Lady a brand new whip! No, it wasn’t a Mayback or Porsche…he kept is simple! But WAIT!!!!!! One of Soop’s JUMPOFFS . . . a woman named GRACE just got put […]