Considering I put the original Space Jam in my top 5 Basketball Movies ever [Yes I did!] this sequel being official makes me so happy! I know LeBron is gonna do his thing and Bugs is about to be on one! Lol Seriously tho. . .can not wait for this one to hit theaters! Via […]

New Music Video

Kid Ink puts his love for animation and art into his newest video for “Hotel,” and it’s definitely spicing things up. Recruiting his close artist…


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Get ready for the modern day Fat Albert! LeBron James’ 1st episode of his animated series, “The LeBrons” featuring Kid Lebron, Athlete Lebron, Business Lebron & Wise Lebron debuts April 6th on YouTube and on LeBron’s personal website. Each of the show’s 10 episodes will provide a unique socially conscious message and will run for […]


This 57-year-old great grandmother spent over $16,000 to be transformed, via plastic surgery, into effing Jessica Rabbit.